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Commercial Heat- Set Flat Sheet

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The latest in commercial bedding, bringing you real time and cost savings. 

Our new Commercial Heat-Set Linen has been specifically manufactured for the commercial industry, with higher heat drying and ironing capabilities, designed to withstand daily and commercial laundering. 

The material has that wonderful crisp finish with 50/50 Easy Care wrinkle resistant convenience and the sheets can be laundered at 210 degrees. This allows for faster drying and ironing capabilities whilst protecting the linen fibres to ensure longevity of your sheets.

Most linen is set to a maximum 180 degree drying/ironing temperature. Daily washing and laundering of your sheets can reduce the longevity of your linen if they are dried above 180 degrees and over-dried. 

Our new heat-set linen range provides an extremely durable product with in-built heat protection, allowing for sheets to be dried and ironed much quicker and more efficiently, 

Commercial Heat-Set Linen An investment in quality linen saving your establishment time and money.


  • 155gsm
  • 220 thread count percale
  • 50/50 cotton polyester
  • Easy-Care and durable
  • Heat set to 210 degrees for quicker ironing and drying
  • 0% shrinkage
  • Fully mercerised (smooth finish, no pilling)
  • Each flat sheet is clearly labelled and features coloured stitching as a quick and easy indicator for housekeeping.
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