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John Batman Group is committed to design, manufacture and distribute our products in such a manner as to reduce our environmental impact.

John Batman Group creates an environment whereby all team members are conscious of their environmental impact in the workplace.  


We use materials and energy efficiently to conserve natural resources.

Each work station has recycling facilities for sorting waste.

Cartridges and toners are collected to help reduce landfill, conserve natural resources and minimise the carbon footprint of new cartridge manufacture.

All office equipment is set to energy saver mode when not in use.

We use recycled envelopes for our marketing mailouts and all office paper stationery is made from recycled paper.


Each printing station has a paper waste recycling facility.

Our paper is provided by environmentally conscious suppliers where wood fibre is sourced from sustainable forests.

We use FSC Mix paper for our printing and publications.

FSC Certified Mixed Sources paper - Forest Stewardship Council   
Sustainable Forests  
EMS – Environmental Management System  
PEFC – Programme for the Endorsement Forest Certification  


Vinyl from compendiums and menus are recycled. 

Old compendiums and menus are broken down and recycled and re-used. 

We reuse our packaging, which helps to reduce the landfill waste stream.

The packing paper we use is sourced from plantations specifically generated to make paper and cardboard. 

The cardboard boxes we use for deliveries are sourced from one of the most environmentally friendly manufacturers in Australia and are made using materials from environmentally friendly regenerated forests.

We use the most efficient freight options available to reduce our environmental impact. 


Look out for the Eco logo on products that are environmentally friendly and/or encourage environmentally responsible practices within your accommodation establishment.

Working Together

John Batman Group actively sources products from environmentally conscious suppliers. 

We co-operate and develop liaisons with the community, suppliers, contractors, and other organisations engaged in improving the environment. 

We urge our customers to help us continue this process by putting all waste board and paper into the recycle bins that are collected regularly by your local council.

Our environmental policy promotes and maintains environmentally responsible practices for the benefit of customers, employees and the community in which we operate. We strive to conduct and grow our business in a manner which protects the environment and our world's natural resources.