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In order to obtain the maximum benefits from your servingware, which can experience rigorous everyday use, the following guidelines are recommended.

Handling – Don’t use metal utensils, scrapers and abrasive materials such as pads or powders for removing food and leftovers from plates, as damage to the glaze surface could occur. Proper removal of left over food will result in improved dishwasher performance and detergent efficiency.

Temperatures – The temperature of the water during the wash cycle is very important, as a temperature that is too high will reduce the efficiency of the wash. Do not exceed manufacturers recommended dishwasher temperatures.

Loading of ware – Dishwashers should be loaded to avoid vibration of plates against each other, and baskets should be protected with a plastic coating over the metal frame to avoid metal marking. All cutlery should be washed separately, in the appropriate cutlery container to avoid contact with other servingware items.