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How many towels should be provided for my rooms?

Towels must be provided for each permanent sleeping position.
  • One Face Washer for each permanent sleeping position
  • One Hand Towel for each permanent sleeping position
  • One Bath Mat for each room
  • One Bath Towel and/or Bath Sheet for each permanent sleeping position 
Don’t forget to store extra towels and allow for the transition between washing and use.
Some accommodation establishments prefer standard sized bath towels because they are easier to store and dry faster than bath sheets.
Other accommodation establishments prefer the overall coverage afforded by bath sheets, which give a sense of luxury and warmth due to their size.

Tips for Displaying Towels

Towels are a functional and decorative accent in your guest bathrooms.

To give your towels an extra thick appearance:

1. Smooth towel out flat and fold in half lengthwise
2. Smooth and fold lengthwise again
3. Next fold in thirds, one end in and then the next
4. When displaying, be sure to present the towels with the folded side showing and any tags tucked in

Styling your towels:

1. Pile up in tiers with the Bath Towel on the bottom, Hand Towel in the middle and Face Washer on the top
2. Roll towels and display in stacked pyramids or baskets
3. Display on top of the guest beds with a soap on top