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Comforters & Bedspreads

Bed Covers are generally made of jacquard fabrics with some filling - often artificial. They are quilted or stitched, which keeps the filling from sliding inside of the cover and adds to the cover looks.

Comforters, bedspreads and comfort spreads cover the bed evenly and create a nice day look for the bedroom.


A comforter is a soft flat bag used on a bed as a type of bed cover. It is filled with either an artificial material (such as polyester batting) or a natural material.

A comforter usually doesn't cover the pillows or box spring of the bed. It is basically a thick stitched blanket placed on the bed to achieve a much higher level of comfort and warmth.

A duvet or doona is sometimes confused with a comforter, although comforters go on top of the traditional sheets and blankets and are primarily decorative while duvets are used alone.

A comforter does not come in direct contact with the body and therefore does not need frequent cleaning.

A comforter is usually dry cleaned.

No cover is required for a comforter as it is a bed cover itself.

Being used as a bed cover, a comforter is generally made of bright attractive material, often with a quilt pattern.

Another type of decorative blanket that goes on top of the bed is a bedspread - it is larger than a comforter and has a flap to cover the pillows.


Bedspreads are used to cover the bed and make it look attractive. It is reasonably thick, with polyester filling stitched throughout and often has a rolled edge.

Being thick and light the bedspread simplifies the process of bed making. When oversized it covers the whole bed and has a special flap to hide the pillows.

A bedspread creates an appealing look for the bedroom during the day, and is easy to take off for the night. 

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