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Caring For Your Bedding

Maintaining a high level of hygiene with your bedding is an inexpensive way to promote a clean and fresh environment in the area of your property the guest spends most of their time.

However, bedding is too often overlooked when rooms are made or updated, yet the main purpose for hospitality accommodation is to provide your customer with a place to sleep away from home.

The cleanliness and quality of the bedding items therefore play a major role in how your guest will view their stay.

A pillow for example is a relatively inexpensive item, yet plays a vital role to the comfort of the guest, the appearance of the bed and the overall service delivery of the property. So, how can you ensure that your guests are resting on a clean and comfortable pillow?

When it comes to cleaning and maintaining pillows there are a number of options.

One option is to have the pillows cleaned or rejuvenated. Although slightly cheaper than replacing the pillow, they can remain stained and with most polyester fibres, unless they are a more expensive Dacron fibre, the more you wash them the more the fibre will break down and deteriorate resulting in lumpy fibres.

Replacing pillows on a regular basis is another option. Stain Resistant pillows are often less expensive than cotton pillows, therefore today for less expense you can replace pillows more regularly. The Stain Resistant cover will provide you with a cleaner pillow for longer.

Pillow protectors are another brilliant option. They protect the pillow from natural oils, wet hair, sweat and so forth, and at the same time protect guests from dust mites, bacteria and unpleasant odours. Pillow protectors are designed to be washed and are far easier and less expensive to clean than to wash the whole pillow.

Protecting the mattress is another affordable and essential part of bedding hygiene practice. The mattress itself is one of the most expensive items in the room and cannot be washed so it is essential to use a mattress protector to protect your investment.

Our mattress protectors provide function, durability and value for money.