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Today's restaurant crockery and dishware is far more than just functional. Commercial dishes add personality to restaurant table settings, reflecting the ambience, design and theme of a restaurant.

If you are running a restaurant or cafe, how you serve your food can make a big difference in your restaurant's success. Even if the food you serve is amazing, this can be affected by its presentation on an inferior plate and your customer will not receive the full impact that your service presentation could achieve, which will ultimately impact on your customers' satisfaction.

As you begin stocking your commercial kitchen, consider the following:


Commercial dishes, just like restaurant seating and tables, are more expensive than those for personal use. Restaurant dinnerware comes in a wide range of styles and prices, so consider your dining environment and the type of customer you will be serving, and select the range according to your target market.


The reason commercial dishes are more expensive than those you might pick up for your own kitchen is that they are designed to withstand the wear and tear of restaurant use.

It is important to note that when stocking a new restaurant, you should only purchase equipment and dishes designed for commercial use. We have heard a number of horror stories from customers about crockery they have purchased from retail outlets. On the outset it appeared as though the retail dishes would be fine for their restaurants, but after a few cycles through the dishwasher, every plate was chipped or cracked. Commercial dishes are more expensive than your household ones, but for good reason. They are made to stand up to the heavy use of restaurants.

Commercial Glassware

Today's glassware can make just as much a statement as dinner plates. You can dress up your restaurant bar with funky martini glasses, oversized wine goblets or stylish tumblers. Again, remember to buy only commercial quality glassware to avoid premature chips and cracks.

You may spend a little more today, but you will save a lot of money in the long term!

John Batman Group provides a wide variety of Commercial Dinnerware, Cutlery & Glassware options to suit any budget. You can view the full range of Crockery & Cutlery and Glassware online or contact our friendly customer service team to assist you.