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This policy has been formulated in conjunction with our Returns Policy and shall in no way diminish or infringe a consumer’s statutory rights. This policy forms part of our business terms and conditions and shall supplement or amend any existing terms and conditions as applicable and override any warranty statements including those made in product brochures and instruction manuals. 

Products sold by John Batman Group shall be free of defects (unless a product is sold or advertised with a defect) and shall operate and be of a quality that matches the operation and quality as described on this website. We warrant that products shall operate without fault or defect, as the product was intended to be used by the manufacturer, for a reasonable period of time from the purchase date by the original purchaser. In all circumstances this period of time shall be the warranty time period specified in this policy. 

Manufacturer’s Intended Use of Product

Please consider the intended application of the product when making your purchase and choose a product appropriate to the intended application. When making warranty assessments, we will take into consideration the manufacturer’s intended use of the product and your actual use of the product. 

Warranty Period

This policy outlines the warranty period for products for which we offer a voluntary warranty in addition to your statutory consumer rights. The following warranty periods apply:
Electrical Items - 12 months
Luggage Racks - 12 months
Compendiums & Menu Covers - 12 months
Key Tags - 6 months
Bedding, Table Linen & Towelling (stitching & product construction) - 3 months
Warranty periods commence at the date of purchase which is deemed to be the date of our sales/tax invoice.
If a product is not listed above you are protected by statutory consumer rights, however, John Batman Group does not offer a voluntary warranty policy. 

Warranty Limitations

The following shall not be covered by any warranty claim: 
  • normal wear and tear of products or product components
  • consumable components
  • damage resulting from transportation, installation, moving or relocation or products by the purchaser or their representatives
  • improper, inadequate or incomplete assembly and/or installation of equipment which may result in fault or damage
  • failure to follow assembly/installation/operation instructions properly
  • abuse or improper use of products
  • where modifications have been made to products
  • failure to use the equipment as it was intended 

What You Need To Do

Prior to returning any goods to us, you must contact a Customer Service Representative to arrange for a Returns Application to be sent to you. Our Customer Service Representative will guide you through the warranty process and assist you wherever possible to ensure that your claim is dealt with efficiently and promptly. 

Cost of Warranty Returns

You are responsible for the cost of returning goods to our warehouse.
We will, at our discretion provide you with a store credit for these costs provided that you have followed the instructions of our Customer Service Representative in respect to returning goods and are able to provide us with a copy of the payment receipt/tax invoice that details the charge incurred. If it is deemed that a store credit is applicable, the credit amount is limited to the delivery charge incurred by you. If you are issued with a store credit, please be aware that this credit will only be valid for a period of six months from its date of issue.
Please do not return goods to us COD as we are unable to accept these parcels and that may result in you incurring additional courier charges. 
If your warranty claim is approved, we will not charge you for the cost of delivering repaired items or exchanges to you. 

What We Will Do

If your warranty claim is approved, we will replace the item. If we are unable to replace the item with one that matches the specifications of the product, we will refund or provide a store credit, at the customer’s discretion, of the purchase price.
If you choose to be issued with a store credit, please be aware that this credit will only be valid for a period of six months from its date of issue. 

Warranty Fraud & Dishonesty

False warranty claims or providing misleading information in order to obtain a warranty repair or replacement will result in you being responsible for all costs incurred by us in assessing your warranty claim including but not limited to technical repair costs, costs of parts or products, petrol and vehicle expenses, administrative costs and any legal fees. Such costs will be determined by John Batman Group and will not be negotiable.
If deemed appropriate under the circumstances, we reserve the right to report such fraud and/or dishonesty to the relevant authorities. 

General Policy Information

This policy should be read in conjunction with our Returns Policy. Warranty periods vary from product to product so you should familiarise yourself with the appropriate warranty period for the product that you have purchased prior to requesting a Returns Application.
If you have purchased more than one of an item, this policy only applies to the faulty item. You cannot return an entire order due to an individual item within an order being defective or faulty.
John Batman Group reserves the right to review, modify and change this policy at any time without notice.
If you have any questions about this policy, please contact us at