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The use and care of your glassware is extremely important. 

To ensure your glassware’s long life please find below some helpful hints to improve the handling of your glassware. By following these easy reminder tips, you can be assured of obtaining the longest life possible from your chosen glassware products. 

To ensure your glassware’s long life, do not use glasses straight from a dishwasher for cold beverages. Glasses retain temperature, and any sudden change in temperature can cause breakages. Always ensure glasses return to room temperature before use and make sure you have plenty of glassware supplies to avoid your recently washed glasses going directly back into service. 

  • Never scoop ice with glass - use a scoop
  • Never pick up with glass to glass contact
  • Avoid glass contact with beer taps
  • Stack glasses into divider racks
  • Never put cutlery into glasses
  • Never stack glasses