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Pillow Protectors

Pillow Protectors

Improve your sleep quality and extend the life of your pillows with quality Pillow Protectors.

Available in a range of styles the anti-allergy pillow protectors will lengthen the lifespan of your pillows by shielding them from bacteria, dust mites and allergens. For maximum protection, the waterproof pillow protectors will protect your pillows from liquids, body fluids, stains, and accidental spills.

Pillow protectors add softness, comfort, and an extra protective layer under the pillowcase, ensuring your pillows stay fresher and cleaner for longer.

  • Stain Resistant Pillow Protector

    Stain Resistant Pillow Protector

    Our Stain Resistant Pillow Protectors keep your pillows clean and fresh. Designed and manufactured specifically for the commercial accommodation industry, these zippered pillow protectors fully encase the pillow and will extend the life of your pillows...