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Bathroom Signage


The popular Environmental adhesive signs are a cost effective way to display your environmental message to guests. These bathroom signs request guests to re-use their towels and to restrict their shower times. The signs are made with strong adhesive suitable for positioning on tiles or onto mirrors in the bathroom or within the rooms.

  • Toilet Hygiene Seals

    Toilet Hygiene Seals

    Our toilet hygiene seals are an expected sign to incoming guests that the toilet has been professionally cleaned and hygienically sanitised. Sold in packs of 200, the toilet hygiene seals are sufficient in length to fold under the toilet lid and can be...
  • Environmental Sticker

    Environmental Sticker

    As we become more and more conscious of the impact our actions have on the earth's climate, we need to ensure that each of us is taking as many steps as possible to reduce our footprint. Minimising water usage is one way hotels and their guests can make...