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Compendium Accessories


There are many additional accessories to add to your Compendium selection. We provide complimentary embossing/printing options with your Compendium selection where noted or the Compendiums can be personalised with your own business logo at an additional fee.

  • Compendium and Menu Corners

    Compendium and Menu Corners

    Adding corners to your Compendiums can make a big difference to the look of your folders.  Corners not only add to the appeal of the compendium, they will also add to the compendium's life, protecting the edges of the folders. The Compendium...
  • A4 Detachable Sleeve Sets

    A4 Detachable Sleeve Sets

    $4.50 - $9.90
    These Detachable Sleeves consist of 4, 6, 8, 10, 12 or 15 A4 polypropylene pockets with an adhesive Hook & Loop strip for easy attachment to your new or existing Compendium or Menu. Each set/item consists of A4 pockets welded together at the...
    $4.50 - $9.90
  • A5 Stand Pockets

    A5 Stand Pockets

    Our modern Stainless Steel and Frosted Acrylic Stands are a multi-purpose and stylish way to present information to your guests. The stands come with 5 PVC pockets fastened with a stainless steel pipe ring fastener. These heavy duty pockets have...