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NEW Pure Vitality Sewing Kit

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Early September
1 x Sewing Kit
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NEW LOOK | Pure Vitality

Our Pure Vitality range has a brand new look!

The new designs and packaging of the Pure Vitality range are modern and easily integrate with any interior décor, whilst maintaining the same ingredients and moisturising properties.

Each item has been purposely designed with your guests in mind, from the ingredients, packaging, ease of use and hygiene safety, with foil seals on the tubes for hygiene and protection.

The Pure Vitality soaps and liquids are enriched with a special combination of mild cleansers and natural ingredients for a gentle cleansing experience and chamomile renowned for its moisturising and enriching properties.

The liquids and soaps are free from parabens, mineral oils and synthetic colours. The liquids and soaps are biodegradable and the tubes, bottles and box packaging are recyclable.

Another exciting development in the Pure Vitality range are the 300ml refillable bottles. These items are environmentally friendly and the full-size bottles give your rooms that luxury spa feeling. Also available are the large 5L bottles for easy refilling of the pump bottles for reuse.

Sewing Kit - contains assorted thread colours, needle, buttons, and a safety pin in resealable polybag

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