Our Commercial Bedding range is manufactured specifically for the commercial accommodation industry, designed to handle commercial usage and laundering. The Commercial Bedding range provides a large selection of quality products to cater for all of your needs, including Bed Linen, Pillows, Protectors, Quilts, Toppers, Blankets, Bedspreads and Decorative items.

Helpful Hints

Bedding to be included for points to be awarded: bedspreads, quilt covers, blankets or continental quilts, top sheets, linen, pillows and mattress protectors. Good quality, comfortable beds and bedding, in good condition are essential. All bedding must be the correct size. i.e. appropriate size for the bed.

For maximum points to be awarded all bedding must be provided and made up on all beds. This will include two sheets, sufficient blankets/continental quilt, mattress protector, two pillows complete with protectors and cases and a suitable bedspread/continental quilt cover. The condition of bedding and in particular the quality of the bed coverings should be relative to the style of the room.

All pillows on all beds and any spare pillows within the room should be fitted with a pillow protector for full points to be awarded. Protectors can be an absorbent open ended protector or a fully enclosed zip lock closure.

Hygiene is very important to guests. The provision of mattress and pillow protectors means health standards are being maintained. Guests anticipate protectors to be clean and free of stains.

Mattresses and pillows ideally should have protective covers that create a water resistant barrier preventing liquid and perspiration entering the mattress or pillow. A protective barrier will ensure prevention of stains, build-up of mould/bacteria and dust mite allergic reactions.

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