Our Bathroom Product range combines some of our newest products with some of our most popular products. These products are attractive and practical. The range includes Hotel Guest Amenities, Water Saver Signage, Sanitary Products, Waste Tidy Bins, Retractable Clothes Lines, Tissue Box Holders, Handy Baskets, Towel Racks, Water Alarm, Hair Dryers and the latest Shower Curtains.

Helpful Hints

Helpful Hint 1: A minimum of two sanitary bags should be supplied and located in the toilet area for points to be awarded.

Helpful Hint 2: A bin in the toilet/bathroom will attract points. A private individual toilet separate to the bathroom requires a bin. Additional points may be gained where the bin is lidded. Points will also be awarded where a bin of 8-litres or more is available in the bedroom area.

Helpful Hint 3: Hair dryers provided in each unit will attract points. If the hairdryer is not located within the bathroom there should be a note in the compendium or within the room to advise where the hairdryer is located.

Helpful Hint 4: Purpose designed towel rails or portable clothes airer in good condition will attract points. Retractable clothes lines will be awarded points under 'additional facilities'.

Helpful Hint 5: Purpose designed towel rails in good condition will attract points. Sufficient hanging space should be provided, so that towels for the maximum number of sleeping positions can dry effectively after use (approx 450mm per towel) to ensure maximum air contact is allowed for drying purposes.

Helpful Hint 6: Shower curtains must be well maintained and clean. Weighted or heavy-duty curtains only will attract points. Screening/curtains should effectively prevent excess escape of water onto the bathroom floor by directing water into the shower recess or bath.

Helpful Hint 7: Points will be awarded for adequate toilet tissue placed in a conveniently located dispenser or holder. To be conveniently located it must be within arms length. A clean toilet brush in good condition, contained in an appropriate stand will attract points.

The JBG Brand 

The JBG Brand is a sign of a quality product specifically designed and manufactured to meet the demands of the commercial hospitality industry.
Hotels, motels, resorts, serviced apartments and healthcare represent a hospitality industry that is ever changing. While many retail products may suffice for a short period of time, the JBG commercial brands provide business operators with piece of mind allowing them to focus on providing guests with the type of service that is expected today.  
A symbol of quality and excellence, the JBG brand has a well-earned reputation within the industry.  You can take confidence in dealing with an Australian company which aspires to world class standards with the infrastructure to export products all over the world.
When you see the JBG Brand symbols, you can be assured you are getting a great value, quality product.