Area Information Guides

Regional Destination Guides - Area Information Guides

Commonly referred to as an AIF (Area Information Folder), our Just Brilliant Guides AIF guides are high quality visitor information guides specifically designed for your town/region.
The Area Information tourist and visitor guides are presented to guests within the in-room guest compendium folders of the majority of hotel, motel, resort, serviced apartment, B&B, cabin and accommodation venues in each area and provides information on the area, maps, photos, local attractions and businesses.
Working in conjunction with the local accommodation providers in the area, the AIF is a well designed and valuable resource guide promoting the town and regional attractions, encouraging visitor spending and encouraging guests to stay in the area longer. 

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The ultimate in tourist guides for guests visiting your area.

John Batman Group is the publisher of niche tourism guides for display within the rooms/suites of accommodation establishments. 

Our tourist and visitor publications are viewed by millions of guests staying in accommodation establishments daily.
John Batman Group designs and produces more than 100 town/regional tourist and visitor destination guide publications throughout Australia, New Zealand and the South Pacific.

Area Information Tourist & Visitor Guides include: 

  • Information on your town/region
  • Local attractions and places of interest
  • Maps - town and regional
  • Local imagery
  • Town history
  • Useful numbers
  • Calendar of events
  • Tourist routes
  • Activities
  • Local businesses in the form of advertisements  

Area Information Guide benefits: 

  • Niche product
  • Contributing to town
  • Promoting to visitors
  • Resourceful for business and leisure travellers
  • Promote the town to encourage spending
  • Increases the town’s viability  
The Area Information guide publications are presented in the local accommodation guest room compendium folders, which contain clear display pockets. The compendium displays the hotel/motel guest service information in the first few pockets, followed by the Area Information guide publication.
The Area Information tourist and visitor guides provide the perfect solution for accommodation providers and local businesses in a well-designed and resourceful destination publication. Best of all, these publications are provided at no cost to accommodation establishments.     

Town Services Guides 

Along with our Area Information guides, John Batman Group also produces a smaller version called the Town Services Guide (TSG). Designed for smaller towns and areas, these publications have a few less pages and contain: 
  • Map of the local area
  • Town specific editorial
  • Local imagery
  • Local businesses in the form of advertisements  
You will find our current list of Area Information & Town Services Guides here where you can also view each of the publications online.