Room Accessories

Our range of In-Room Accessories have been purposely designed for the accommodation industry, combining some of our newest products with some of our most popular products. Recognised for durability, design and value for money, the range of accessories are functional, smart and add that extra touch to your guests experience.

Helpful Hints

Helpful Hint 1: Tea and Coffee making facilities should be provided in each unit. Sufficient ingredients consisting of at least two sachets of tea, coffee and sugar per guest. Complimentary snacks will also attract points.

Helpful Hint 2: A bin in the toilet/bathroom will attract points. A private individual toilet separate to the bathroom requires a bin. Additional points may be gained where the bin is lidded. Points will also be awarded where a bin of 8-litres or more is available in the bedroom area.

Helpful Hint 3: Each bedroom/unit should have a luggage rack to accommodate a minimum of one suitcase. The luggage rack should be defined in such a manner that it will be easily recognised by the guest. The luggage rack should stand at a minimum height of 450mm from the floor. Portable luggage racks are acceptable. In multiple room accommodation, if luggage racks are not provided in each room then fewer points will be awarded. Luggage racks located outside of the bedroom/unit will not attract points for being conveniently situated.

Helpful Hint 4: It is desirable to have an iron and ironing board in each room/unit for full points. For the convenience of guests an iron and ironing board located in the room/unit will attract maximum points. Where an iron may be delivered to a guest room or sourced at reception points will be awarded. This must be noted in the guest compendium.

Helpful Hint 5: Personal amenities packs will attract points. Those offering individual shampoo, conditioner and tissues plus two other items are regarded as comprehensive. One cake of soap or equivalent should be provided for each permanent sleeping position (one large cake will not be considered suitable).