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Self-disinfecting antiviral (including Coronavirus) and anti-bacterial protective self-disinfecting films from VIRAFILM safeguard the community from high contact surfaces.

In everyday lives, people often get infected with viruses and get illnesses caused by bacteria without being aware of it by touching smartphones, tablets, touchscreens, door handles, desks, counter tops, displays, hand rails, elevator buttons, hotel key cards, EFTPOS machines and so many more high touch traffic areas.

VIRAFILM offers protection against bacteria and viruses through its anti-viral films which are adhered to commonly used surfaces to prevent secondary infections through physical contact.

Our antiviral solutions have scientifically proven to be the most effective across the world. The VIRAFILM antiviral films kill 99.9% of viruses including coronavirus within 30 mins and kill 99.9% of bacteria within 10 mins.