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Eco-Friendly Star

Eco Friendly Star 

Eco-Friendly STAR Accreditation

Eco-Friendly STAR Accreditation rewards your commitment to embrace simple, common sense environmental ‘good practices’ that will deliver real benefits to your business, guests and the environment. 

What is Eco-Friendly STAR Accreditation?

The Eco-Friendly STAR is an additional endorsement to your current STAR Rating. Eco-Friendly STAR Accreditation doesn’t change your STAR Rating, but gives you special recognition and shows your customers that you are socially responsible and committed to reducing the environmental impacts of your business. 

Why be Eco-Friendly STAR Accredited?

There has never been a better time to appeal to the expanding environmentally minded consumer base. Recent research has confirmed that consumers have a keen interest in properties that are environmentally friendly. Two out of three say a Eco-Friendly endorsement would positively impact their decision on which accommodation to choose.

How does the Eco-Friendly STAR work?

To be awarded the Eco-Friendly STAR your property must achieve adequate points against a set of practical environmental criteria. These criteria include:
Energy Efficiency – eg: energy efficient light bulbs and fixtures, zoned heating and cooling, signage reminding guests to turn off lights and air-conditioning, correct seals on doors and windows and natural ventilation available.
Waste Minimisation – eg: recycling program, towel re-use option, optional newspapers, printer cartridge recycling, linen no change options.
Water Management – eg: dual flush toilets, environmentally friendly cleaning products, unbleached paper products, no leaking taps, water efficient dishwasher, use of recycled water on gardens. 

Being Green has its benefits

A point of difference

The Eco-Friendly STAR is an effective way to differentiate your business from competitors – it can be used in your advertising and promotions as well as a selling tool when speaking to potential guests. 

Diversify and build new markets

Over 60% of Australian’s are environmentally conscious and have made behavioral changes in support of the environment. This is your opportunity to appeal to this rapidly growing consumer base. 

Real cost savings

Implementing good environmental practices invariably leads to reducing operating costs. Many businesses today are reaping the financial benefits from cost effective solutions such as flow restrictors in showers and are seeing a return on investment within as little as six months.
For further information regarding Eco-Friendly STAR Accreditation, please phone AAA Tourism on (03) 8601 2260 or visit
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