Pendant Lighting

Pendant lights are a popular and appealing bedside lighting solution giving your guest rooms a unique and modern look. Along with adding an aesthetic value, bedside pendants are a smart space-saving solution and allow you to use your guest bedside tables in more ways than one. Pendant lights work well bedrooms, kitchen and living areas or as feature lighting anywhere throughout your rooms and establishment.
Brit Cord Set
Antique Brass, Copper, Nickel - 60mm x 85mm
Price: $28.49
Enya Cord Set
Oak, Walnut - 60mm x 85mm
Price: $31.34
Lang Cord Set
Antique Brass, Black, Nickel - 60mm x 80mm
Price: $28.49
Tolosa Pendants
Black, Chrome, White - 100mm x 160mm
Price: $89.96
Ronan Pendant
Grey, Rusty, White - 250mm x 180mm
Price: $98.50
Ekland Pendant
Grey, Rusty, White - 355mm x 200mm
Price: $163.39
Alec Pendant
Black, White - 280mm x 450mm
Price: $136.71
Alain Pendants
Chrome, Copper, Gold - 320mm x 400mm
Price: $142.87
Costino Pendants
Oak, Teak - 300mm x 330mm
Price: $159.29
Polk 20 Pendant
Copper, White, Black - 200mm x 380mm
Price: $122.06
Polk 30 Pendant
Copper, White, Black - 300mm x 270mm
Price: $136.44
Polk 46 Pendant
Copper, White, Black - 460mm x 380mm
Price: $367.28
Farina 30 Pendant
Black, Bronze, White - 300mm x 160mm
Price: $158.47
Farina 40 Pendant
Black, Bronze, White - 400mm x 200mm
Price: $229.74

Helpful Hints

Lights are required for each sleeping position to award maximum points. A single light over a double bed will not attract full points. Bed lamps should provide appropriate light distribution for adjacent sleeping positions eg: reading in bed. This can be determined by ensuring the light beam does not extend past half of the bed. Bed lamps must be provided to each sleeping position for points to be awarded for appropriate light distribution.

Bed lamps should be conveniently placed with switches located within arms length of each sleeping position. Switches which operate individual lights/lamps are required to allow guests independent control over light operation. Switches must be provided to each sleeping position for points to be awarded.

The use of lamps and decorative lighting to create depth and space along with task lighting for desks and bedside tables will be considered as not only functional lighting but also as a decor element.