Guest Amenities Multi Packs

Our Guest Amenities Multi Packs are perfect for those wishing to purchase in smaller quantities. The Multi Packs contain a combination of five essential guest amenities items – Shampoo, Conditioner, Body Lotion, Soap and Shower Caps. Your guests can enjoy the luxury of the amenities ranges without you having to purchase in bulk quantities.

Price: $135.31
Member Price: $128.54
Price: $135.31
Member Price: $128.54
Price: $135.31
Member Price: $128.54
Price: $135.30
Member Price: $128.54
Price: $135.31
Member Price: $128.54

Helpful Hints

Personal amenities packs will attract points. One cake of soap or equivalent will be provided for each permanent sleeping position (one large cake will not be considered suitable). Where individual amenity guest supplies are only provided on arrival and not replenished, points will not be awarded.

Comprehensive personal amenities pack - A minimum of five items including separate shampoo, conditioner and tissues plus two additional items located within all bathrooms will be regarded as comprehensive.

Limited personal amenities pack - A minimum of three items including shampoo must be provided to attract points for 'limited'.

John Batman Group - Hotel Guest Amenities Brands


Our Hotel Guest Amenities brands are synonymous with luxury and quality.

The JBG Hotel Guest Amenities collections are provided to guests across a wide range of accommodation venues from hotels, motels, resorts, serviced apartments, B&B's, guesthouses, holiday parks, hospitals, aged care and corporate businesses.

The Pure, Tranquille, Everydae and Revitalise ranges of Guest Amenities are quickly becoming the most recognised amenities brands to travellers in Australia. These brands stand for luxury, affordability and quality with an emphasis on recyclability.

Featuring classic and contemporary designs the collections emanate effortless style for any establishment size and decor.

Enriched with natural ingredients, subtle fragrances and soothing properties, the fresh and exciting ranges have been tailor made to please the most discerning guests without the discerning price tag.

The liquids and soaps are biodegradable and the bottles and boxes can be recycled.

Each of the bottles and tubes feature a hygienic security seal, which reduces the amount of wastage for your establishment. It is easy to see if the seal has been broken, so if the bottle or tube seal has not been broken (indicating that the previous guest has not used the item), the bottle/tube can be redisplayed rather than being thrown out as a precaution.

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