Packaging Covenant


John Batman Group is a proud partner of the Australian Packaging Covenant. The Australian Packaging Covenant (APC) is a sustainable packaging initiative which aims to change the culture of business to design more sustainable packaging, increase recycling rates and reduce packaging litter.

John Batman Group carefully considers the environment and the environmental impact that the business makes and has put many considerate processes in place.

Production Department

SITA Australia collects:

  • Recycling Big Bin – Paper & Cardboard picked up monthly
  • General Waste Big Bin – Picked up monthly, sometimes earlier

The box board used to make compendiums and menus is made from recycled materials.

We no longer recycle the vinyl because the foam is usually within it.

The glue used goes into the General Waste.

The plastic pockets are disposed of however there may be a possibility to recycle these. We would need to look into this.

Run out/discontinued products are donated to charities and welfare organisations.

Studio Department

Fuji Xerox collects:

  • Printer Toners
  • Printer Cartridges

Paper is recycled through our SITA Australia collection.

Paper packaging is reused by production for packing parcels.

EcoStar 100% recycled paper is used – paper made carbon neutral.

Our envelopes are made from recycled paper stock.


Staff Workstations

All staff workstations are equipped with a general waste bin and a recycling bin.

Staff members are encouraged to print double-sided to reduce paper usage.


Old phones and equipment are recycled and/or reused.

Computers are set to go into Energy Saver mode when not used for some time.

Tissues, hand towels and toilet paper are all PECF Certified – made from sustainably managed forests and controlled sources.

Lighting throughout the office is energy efficient in terms of fluorescent globes.

Our kitchen has both general waste and recycling bins.


Where possible excess packaging is avoided to eliminate litter and waste.

We sell Eco Guest Bags which are biodegradable bags that can be reused.

We sell Environmental Stickers for hotel rooms which encourage guests to reuse their towels.

We sell Miracle Sponge cleaning sponges that clean with water alone, no chemicals.

We sell Energy Saver Hotel Lighting to our customers.

Environmental Commitment

John Batman Group’s approach to environmental practices and sustainable tourism.

John Batman Group has chosen more than one environmental option for all of its products. The company has carefully considered all packaging options and has chosen the best fit for each particular product. In some cases the option that suits one product, may not suit another.

At John Batman Group, consideration for the environment is paramount and the company continually works with its business partners to find new materials and environmentally responsible products and practices.

The company strives to do everything that is financially and logistically possible to minimise the environmental impact that its business and products make. For example, all of the boxed items, such as shower caps and vanity kits, are printed using recycled paper and printed using water based inks.

Research & Development

John Batman Group’s in-house design team carefully considers and designs each element of the Guest Amenities collections. With years of experience in packaging concepts and product design the in-house design team work hand in hand with Marketing and Product Development to ensure that customer demands are truly catered for.

Once the concepts and designs are completed, John Batman Group works with its experienced chemist to create, manufacture and monitor all liquids and soaps and the respective fragrances. John Batman Group continuously works with its business partner to ensure that each of the liquids and soaps are formulated using biodegradable surfactants and natural ingredients and ensures that all boxed and sachet items are manufactured using environmentally friendly products and packaging.

The company’s long-standing and reputable business partner, under the John Batman Group’s strict quality control systems and processes, manufactures all of the guest amenities products in China. All of the components and ingredients are manufactured at this site where there is also an onsite printing press that uses water based inks to print the products, as opposed to solvents used on most printed packaging.

Guest Amenities Environmental Commitment

In line with the company’s own environmental responsibility, John Batman Group recognises that the hospitality industry and its guests are growing more eco-conscious.

John Batman Group aims to minimise the impact its products make throughout their product life cycle on the natural environment.

All of the guest amenities offer biodegradable and recyclable packaging options.
  • Liquid and soap products are blended using biodegradable ingredients and enriched with natural extracts.
  • Soaps are moisture rich and formulated from vegetable based ingredients.
  • Boxed items (eg. shower caps) are made from a blend of virgin and recycled paper pulp to ensure that not only do they appear crisp and clean, but they are not destroying our forests.
  • Printing on boxes uses vegetable based inks that break down without damaging the environment.
  • Plastic bottles are all 100% recyclable and tubes are manufactured using D2W.
  • The D2W plastic packaging additive is a safe, non-toxic, organic based additive.
  • D2W is FDA certified.
  • D2W plastic additives have been extensively tested by independent laboratories that have been accredited as per ISO guidelines.
  • D2W is added to the pre-converted plastic to effectively transform it to a food source for microbes, breaking the plastic down in a short period of time and converting it to organic matter allowing it to biodegrade after it ends up in landfill.
  • It is important to note that normal plastics are not biodegradable, therefore, they will forever stay in landfill. By adding  the D2W organic ingredient to the plastic formulation, they will biodegrade under normal landfill conditions and will not cause an issue for landfill waste in the long term.
  • D2W products can be recycled effectively.
  • Amenities items that meet recycling standards can still be recycled using local recycling facilities.
  • All cardboard transportation boxes are made from recycled carton board.

How does the D2W biodegradable process work?

D2W oxo-biodegradable plastic has a pre-programmed life. At the end of this useful service life, the process of oxo-biodegradation starts and the plastic will be eventually broken down into water, carbon dioxide and biomass. The plastic will degrade and then biodegrade in dark or sunlight, heat or cold, land or sea, leaving no fragments, no methane and no harmful residues thus avoiding pollution and damage to the environment and wildlife.

The comprehensively tested and proven technology of D2W provides insurance against the accumulation of plastic waste in the environment.